Chuckwagons at The Stotesbury Cup Regatta
Presented by Toyota



To order your Chuckwagon Permit, click on the SCR Chuckwagon button at the bottom of this page, but please read the instructions first.

The Chuckwagon Permit is for the Chuckwagon ONLY.

  • 100% of Chuckwagons or “tow” food vehicles must have a Chuckwagon Permit affixed to the exterior.  We recommend that all teams purchase these in advance to ensure space is saved.  Failing to purchase the Chuckwagon Permit in advance could result in a lack of space on Kelly Drive.
  • We recommend that 100% of Chuckwagons arrive onsite on Thursday between 2:00 pm and midnight.  Between these hours, the tow vehicle for the Chuckwagon will not require an Entry (Parking) Pass to access Kelly Drive.  The Chuckwagon can therefore be “dropped” and left throughout the duration of the regatta.
  • Chuckwagons arriving on Friday will require a separate Entry Pass for the the tow vehicle.  We do not recommend waiting until Friday to bring your Chuckwagon.
  • Kelly Drive will not close for the regatta until after 12 pm on Thursday, and we ask that no Chuckwagons arrive until 2 pm. Chuckwagons arriving before this time and parking in any lot may be towed offsite as we prep for the regatta.
  • Absolutely no Chuckwagons may be parked to the left of the Finish Line/Grandstand Parking lot driveway.  This area is reserved for the Stotesbury Village and Chuckwagons WILL be towed from this location.  Chuckwagons MAY park to the right of the driveway.
  • We will distribute the Chuck Wagon Permits at Thursday night on-site registration. Any team representative may pick up and sign for the Chuckwagon Permit.
  • The Chuck Wagon Permit is $60.00
  • Each team is allowed only one Chuck Wagon Permit (unless the Boys’ and Girls’ programs are completely separate (and we know which these are !).
  • The Chuckwagon Permit must be displayed on the Chuck Wagon at all times during the regatta.  Please affix Chuckwagons on the “front” (closest to hitch) and left side (if facing the hitch).
  • Teams may pay for their Chuck Wagon Permit via credit card on Regatta Central by clicking HERE.
  • Parking on the grass on either side of Kelly Drive is absolutely forbidden. Violators will be ticketed by the Philadelphia Police. Parking of Chuck Wagons is only permitted on the river side of Kelly Drive.
  • Chuck Wagons should be parked  diagonally at the river side curb.
  • Having a Chuck Wagon Permit does not include a space by the river for your food tent. You can arrange for this separately – see Tent Rental under Spectators – or bring your own.
  • If you have any questions after you have read this, contact Marie Leonard for assistance.

Steps to reserve a Chuck Wagon parking pass for the Stotesbury Cup Regatta via Regatta Central:

    • Click on SCR Chuck Wagons at the bottom of this page.
    • Select a quantity of 1 and “Add to Cart”.
    • An icon for “Checkout” will appear in the upper right corner.
    • Click on “Checkout”. There will be drop-down box for “Team or Club Affiliation…”.
    • Select your team.
    • Click on “Proceed to Check out.”
    • A screen with “Account Holder” information will appear.
    • Complete the bottom section of this form.
    • The next page will allow you to pay by Pay Pal or various credit cards.


SCR Chuckwagons