Have Your Hospitality Tent Ready Upon Your Arrival.

The Stotesbury Tents are a great part of the fun and excitement of Regatta Weekend.  Please note the following important steps and norms about securing and setting up your fan tents along the racecourse:

  • Tents are available for rent exclusively through our Stotesbury Cup Regatta preferred tent provider until the Tuesday before the Regatta (at 9:00 am).  All teams are notified by Wednesday before the regatta what “Tent Location” they have received.  Rented Tents “begin” with Space #1 located closest to the Gillin Boat Club/City Dock launching area and increase to Space #60+ located at the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot) as one travels downriver and in the direction of traffic within the Kelly Drive Enclosure.
  • Schools may bring their own tent at no cost for the space; however, these tents may ONLY be erected in one of four locations: a) Downriver from Vendor Tents within the Athletes Village; b) Upriver from all rented tents (closest to Gillin Boat Club/City Dock Launching Area); c) in a “second row” of tents, to the east side of the walking trail along Kelly Drive; and, d) within the area between the Kelly Statue (at upriver end of  non-shaded seats in the Grandstand itself) and the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot).
  • Please note that the vast majority of non-rented tents are erected in front of the Stotesbury Village.  As such, schools must cooperate and respectfully help one another to find room/space within this area.
  • The Schuylkill Navy does not hold a permit for the Park use until 12 pm on Thursday.  As such, any tents or staked areas erected before this time could run the risk of removal by City/Park officials.
  • Any non-rented tents erected from the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village and towards Gillin will need to be moved as the rented tents are installed.

Tent Rentals

Tents in a variety of sizes are available for rental for your crew and fans. The rental fee includes set-up and installation. Tents include side panels. Banquet tables and chairs are also available for rental.

Tent size                                               Rental price

10′ x 20′                                                     $475

15′ x 15′                                                     $500

20′ x 20′                                                     $575

20′ x 40′                                                     $875

Chairs and tables

8′ banquet table                                        $25

Set of 6 chairs                                             $20

Order your tent and additional items today through Regatta Central by clicking on the button:

Tents & Other Services