Fan Tents at #Stotes

Fan Tents at Stotes are a great part of the fun and excitement of Regatta Weekend.  Please note the following important steps (and norms) about securing and setting up your fan tents along the racecourse:

  • Tents are available for rent exclusively through our Stotesbury Cup Regatta preferred tent provider until Monday, May 6th.  You will be notified of your teams’ preliminary location the Monday before the Regatta; but, some adjustments may be unavoidable as the site is constructed (Sorry…we can’t move trees in Fairmount Park to allow certain configurations).
  • Your final tent location will be available on Thursday morning.  Rented Tents “begin” with low-numbered spaces closest to the Gillin Boat Club/City Dock launching area and increase to Space #65+  located at the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot) as one travels downriver and in the direction of traffic within the Kelly Drive Enclosure.
  • Schools may bring their own tent at no cost for the space; however, these tents may ONLY be erected in one of three locations: a) Downriver from Vendor Tents within the Athletes Village; b) Upriver from all rented tents (closest to Gillin Boat Club/City Dock Launching Area); and, c) in a “second, ‘back’ row” of tents, to the east side of the walking trail along Kelly Drive.
  • A limited number of programs who substantially volunteer to help host Stotesbury are also permitted within “The Island Village,” between the Kelly Statue (at upriver end of  non-shaded seats in the Grandstand itself) and the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot). Schools in this area must respectfully cooperate and work with our Stotes Team and one another to find room/space within this area.
  • The Schuylkill Navy does not hold a permit for the Park use until 12 pm on Thursday.  As such, any tents or staked areas erected before this time will run the risk of removal by City/Park officials.
  • Any non-rented tents erected from the upriver end of the Stotesbury Village and towards Gillin will be moved as the rented tents are installed.

Tent Rentals

Tents in a variety of sizes are available for rental for your crew and fans. The rental fee includes set-up and installation. Tents include side panels. Banquet tables and chairs are also available for rental. [ UPDATE: ONLINE SALES FOR TENTS IS NOW CLOSED].

Tent size                                               Rental price

10′ x 20′                                                     $500

20′ x 20′                                                     $750

20′ x 40′                                                     $1000

Chairs and tables

8′ banquet table                                      $30

Set of 6 chairs                                           $24

Order your tent and additional items today through Regatta Central by clicking on the button:

Tents & Other Services