The 2020 Stotesbury Cup Regatta Presented by Toyota will be on
May 15 and 16 in Philadelphia.

Thank you for a wonderful Stotesbury 2019! Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, vendors, parents, fans, coaches, officials, Park and City partners, and, most especially, our amazing athletes!

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Back for Stotes 2019:
ACME Online/On-site Shops and InstaCart delivery !

For the past two years, Stotesbury Cup Regatta Sponsor ACME Markets provided solutions for our 200 schools to purchase water, ice, and a limited number of other Regatta staples. The online ACME Shop and on-site ACME Shop were very successful initiatives that will continue to save time and solve the logistical challenges of transporting essential items to the Regatta.

This effort also assisted in the Schuylkill Navy’s River Stewardship efforts in partnership with the City of Philadelphia to reduce single-use plastic bottles in the Park.

And in 2018, the Schuylkill Navy introduced an ACME e-commerce solution where over 30 schools ordered their Regatta perishables and non-perishables online and the items were delivered via Instacart directly to the Regatta. Items were received by ACME personnel, stored in refrigerated trucks and ready for pick up (and assisted delivery to tent) at the ACME Shop.

ACME Markets will once again offer delivery service powered by Instacart. ACME will be providing this service to all of our member schools. Parent Hospitality Chairs will again be able to order many of their perishable and non-perishable items from ACME in advance. Your order will be delivered to the Regatta, stored by ACME personnel and ready for pick up at the ACME Shop in the Stotesbury Village in the Grandstand Parking Lot. For information and ordering instructions, click HERE for Regatta staples and HERE for ice and water orders.

Latest info and updates

For the most up-to-date info on weather updates, start time changes, important announcements, etc, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@stotesregatta), as we use these channels regularly to post updates. You can also subscribe to our digital newsletter THE STOTESBURY CURRENT by texting “STOTESCURRENT” to 22828 or by clicking HERE. To review recent issues of THE STOTESBURY CURRENT, click the links below: THE STOTESBURY CURRENT

Visit the Stotesbury Village in the grandstand parking lot to see the IKEA Pop-up dorm room!

Enter for a chance to a $75 IKEA gift card
(Must be 18+)


Thanks to United Rentals – our official logistics partner for supplying energy, vehicles and more!!

Stotesbury Gear
from Regatta Wear

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