Schedule Overview

Thursday, May 16

Practice on the river from the Three Angels and City Dock areas will be from 1:00 PM until 5:30 PM. No crew will be allowed to launch after 5:30 pm, and 100% of boats will be escorted off the course after sunset.

The traffic pattern for Thursday practice is as follows:

Crews launching from the Three Angels Athletes Village must launch with bows pointing DOWNRIVER toward the stone Railroad bridge, proceed downriver to the marshal position, turn to the far starboard shore and proceed upriver along the WEST side to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Moving upriver to the 1500 meter race start area is subject to the marshal at the bridge, depending on the course installation work crew at the Temple Boathouse. Turning downriver on the lanes of the 1500 meter race course, crews may only row under the arch of the Strawberry Mansion Bridge marked lanes 4-5- 6, to the finish line area and beyond the Columbia RR Bridge to return to the Three Angels dock area.

Crews launching from the City docks adjacent Gillin/St. Joseph’s Boathouse will launch with the bows facing DOWNRIVER toward the finish line and move downriver in lanes 1 – 2 – 3 to 100 meters below the Three Angels docks to the marshal, then turn to starboard to the west shore and proceed upriver to above the 1500 meter start line. Returning to the docks by rowing down the course in lanes 4 – 5 and crossing to the City/St. Joseph docks.

Crews launching from Boathouse Row docks will observe the normal traffic pattern of moving up the west side of the river, being cautious above the Girard Avenue bridges for visiting crews turning to the west shore from the Three Angels Area. Above this area, the normal traffic pattern will be in effect.

Friday & Saturday, May 17 & 18

Head-style time trials for all events will be held on Friday. Semi-finals will run on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Finals will run on Saturday afternoon.

Time trials start at 8 am Friday and go to approximately 3:00 pm.  After an hour break to set stakeboats, semi-finals run until around 6:00 pm Friday.  Semi-finals continue Saturday morning, starting at 8 am.  Finals begin at approximately 1 pm and the last race of the day is at approximately 5:30 on Saturday.

Final races will be held in the order listed below. .

Races will not be delayed for crews that are late to the start for any reason. Crews must start in the order assigned for time trials and in their assigned lane. For semi-finals and finals, crews must be in their lanes and locked onto the stake boat two minutes before the start of their race.

The complete schedule will be posted after the entry deadline on Friday, May 3. We expect to have it by Monday, May 13.

All boats go thru time trials.  Top finishers in time trials advance to conventional semi-finals.  Please review the time trials guidelines carefully.

Progressing from time trials:

  • In the boys and girls senior eights and fours, the top eighteen boats from the time trials will advance to three semi-finals, with the top two boats from each semi advancing to the finals.

All other events:

  • For events with fewer than 30 entries, the top twelve boats from each will advance to two semi-finals.
  • For events with 30 entries or more, the top eighteen boats from each will advance to three semi-finals.

Saturday Afternoon Finals

12:40 Adaptive Double Final
13:00 Boys Freshman Eight Final
13:09 Girls Junior Double Final
13:17 Girls Freshman Eight Final
13:26 Boys Junior Double Final
13:34 Boys Junior Four Final
13:43 Girls Junior Four Final
13:52 Boys Freshman Quad Final
14:01 Girls Freshman Quad Final
14:10 Girls Ltwt Double Final
14:18 Boys Ltwt Double Final
14:26 Girls Junior Eight Final
14:35 Boys Junior Eight Final
14:44 Boys Junior Quad Final
14:53 Girls Junior Quad Final
15:02 Girls Ltwt Eight Final
15:11 Boys Ltwt Eight Final
15:20 Boys Ltwt Four Final
15:29 Girls Ltwt Four Final
15:38 Girls Senior Double Final
15:46 Boys Senior Double Final
15:54 Boys Second Eight Final
16:03 Girls Second Eight Final
16:12 Girls Senior Quad Final
16:21 Boys Senior Quad Final
16:30 Girls Senior Four Final
16:39 Boys Senior Four Final
16:48 Girls Senior Single Petite Final
16:54 Girls Senior Single Final
17:02 Boys Senior Single Petite Final
17:08 Boys Senior Single Final
17:16 Boys Senior Eight Petite Final
17:22 Boys Senior Eight Final
17:31 Girls Senior Eight Petite Final
17:37 Girls Senior Eight Final