Volunteering at The Stotesbury Cup Regatta Presented by Toyota

The 93nd annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta is May 17 and 18.  Stotes is the largest high school regatta in the world, so we need your help to create another great weekend!

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Key volunteer opportunities include:

    (Email us directly at schuylkillnavyofphiladelphia@gmail.com if you are able to help on this day).
    • Installation Crew
    • On-Site Registration: Held at the Registration/Sponsor Tent in the Stotesbury Village (ie, Finish Line/Grandstand Parking Lot) from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm.  We give the packets to the coaches and catch the excitement of the event!
    • Thursday Practice: Marshals and Dockmasters
    • Thursday Weigh-Ins
    • Race Day Assistance: Includes dockmastering; launch driving; printing and posting race results; helping vendors, spectators, coaches and rowers get needed information and direction;  and, other many other opportunities to be involved with regatta assistance.

No rowing experience is needed for most of these volunteer opportunities. Questions? Contact Bonnie Mueller .