Spectator Parking

As in past years, parking on Kelly Drive is extremely limited on Friday and Saturday of the regatta.  There are only enough spaces for the mission-critical vehicles necessary to run a fair and safe event.  The total volume of school vans, referees/staff/volunteers, emergency and city vehicles, sponsor and vendor vehicles, and schools exceeds the volume of spaces on Kelly Drive.

For this reason, an extremely limited number of Entry Passes are allocated to each school. This allocation is aligned strictly to  the number of entries, and these Entry Passes are intended for coach vehicles. While schools may feel free to distribute as they wish, most schools do not distribute any Entry Passes to parents and instead reserve the passes for program personnel.

All other vehicles are intended to park in the off-site lots “above” the racecourse on the East Plateau. You can also pre-pay for this parking below.  Both shuttles and People Mover/Tram Cars are available to help move people and provisions to their tents and the racecourse.

Towed Chuckwagons are strongly encouraged to arrive on Thursday (at or after 2:30 pm).  On Thursday, tow vehicles will not require an Entry Pass.  If Chuckwagons arrive on Friday, the tow vehicle WILL require use of one of the school Entry Passes.  Again, we do not encourage Friday arrivals.

To pre-pay for standard parking (in the offsite lot “above” the race course) , please click HERE.



Volunteer Parking

TO SECURE ACCESS TO A FREE ENTRY PASS AND DESIGNATED PARKING, spectators and parents are encouraged to consider volunteer support. All volunteer teams/individuals willing to share 2 shifts throughout the weekend may gain an extra Entry Pass and access to reserved volunteer parking.  Volunteer shifts are outlined on our Volunteer page on this site.

Regatta Parking and Shuttle Stops Map DownloadPDF (Small)