Become a Partner

Xfinity 2There are many opportunities to engage with The Stotesbury Cup Regatta’s valuable audience of athletes and fans on a personal and effective level.

Become a vendor. Connect with the Regatta Vendor Team at to discuss options for your retail experience.

Become a donor. The Stotesbury Cup Regatta, conducted by the Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia, is a no inspection and online 501c3 organization. Help ensure the continued success of the Regatta by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia, #4 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

BPSU Boothecome a sponsor. The Stotesbury Cup Regatta presented by Toyota provides an opportunity for your brand to connect with 93 years of rich history and tradition. Organizations such as Toyota, Bryn Mawr Trust, Penn Mutual Life Insurance and XFINITY have connected their brands with this affluent, passionate audience of almost 40,000. In short, Stotesbury presents sponsors the opportunity to reach a very desirable demographic – thousands of educated teens and tens of thousands of their parents and families.


Toyota 2The Schuylkill Navy has partnered with CBS Radio as the marketing and sponsorship arm of the Regatta. CBS Radio provides over 3.25 million listeners among its 6 stations and over 3 million unique visitors via The Stotesbury Cup and CBS Radio have combined assets to provide sponsors with a full suite of marketing platforms before, during and after the Regatta. These assets include on-air, digital, on-site, social media and other activation opportunities. CBS Radio’s Sponsorship team will work closely with you to customize your brand’s Stotesbury Cup experience.


Stotesbury by the Numbers

  • 35,000+ rowers, family members and fans
  • 70% reside in PA, NJ, DE
  • 6,000 athletes
  • Over 70% AVG HHI > $100,000
  • Over 20% AVG HHI > $300,000
  • Over 72% have college degree
  • Over 30% have advanced degree
  • AVG. DEMO: 40-54 with 1+ children in HS
  • Over 70% have a favorable view of sponsors
  • 58,000 unique website visitors
  • 132,000 website visits
  • 744,000 page views
  • 4 million hits


Source: Philadelphia Sports Congress and Center for Applied Business and Economic Research (CABER), Lerner College of Business and Economics, University of Delaware


To learn more about the Stotesbury Cup Regatta sponsorship program, contact Michael Steinberg, Senior Executive, CBS Radio Sponsorship Group at 215-238-4549 or